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Connect to MatrixOne Server

Before you start

Make sure you have already installed MatrixOne.

1. Install MySQL client

MatrixOne supports the MySQL wire protocol, so you can use MySQL client drivers to connect from various languages. For more information on connecting to MatrixOne through a MySQL client, seeConnect to the MatrixOne server through a client.

Currently, MatrixOne is only compatible with the Oracle MySQL client. This means that some features might not work with the MariaDB client or Percona client.

2. Connect to MatrixOne server

You can use the MySQL command-line client to connect to MatrixOne server:

mysql -h IP -P PORT -uUsername -p

The connection string is the same format as MySQL accepts. You need to provide a user name and a password.

Use the built-in test account for example:

  • user: dump
  • password: 111
mysql -h -P 6001 -udump -p
Enter password:

Currently, MatrixOne only supports the TCP listener.

For more information on connecting to MatriOne, see Using client connect to the MatrixOne server and Using programming connect to the MatrixOne server.