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Import data when launching MatrixOne using Docker

This document will guide you on how to import data when launching MatrixOne using Docker.

Before you start


  1. Mount the data directory to the container directory.

  2. Use the source command or the load data command to import data.

For more information on the details of steps, see Practice Example as below.

Practice Example

  • Applicable scenarios: Launch MatrixOne using docker, and a large number of datasets need to be imported into the MatrixOne.
  • Scenario description: We have also prepared a 1GB dataset for downloading. You can get the data files directly.

  • Download the dataset file and store the data in ~/tmp/docker_loaddata_demo/:

    cd ~/tmp/docker_loaddata_demo/
  • Unzip the dataset:

    tar -jxvf lineorder_flat.tar.bz2
  • Use Docker to launch MatrixOne, and mount the directory ~/tmp/docker_loaddata_demo/ that stores data files to a directory in the container. The container directory is /sb-dbgen-path as an example:

    docker run -d -p 6001:6001 -v ~/tmp/docker_loaddata_demo:/ssb-dbgen-path:rw --name matrixone matrixorigin/matrixone:0.5.1
  • Connect to MatrixOne server:

    mysql -h -P 6001 -udump -p111
  • Create lineorder_flat tables in MatrixOne, and import the dataset into MatriOne:

    create database if not exists ssb;
    use ssb;
    drop table if exists lineorder_flat;
    CREATE TABLE lineorder_flat(
      LO_ORDERKEY bigint key,
      LO_LINENUMBER int,
      LO_CUSTKEY int,
      LO_PARTKEY int,
      LO_SUPPKEY int,
      LO_ORDERDATE date,
      LO_ORDERPRIORITY char(15),
      LO_SHIPPRIORITY tinyint,
      LO_QUANTITY double,
      LO_EXTENDEDPRICE double,
      LO_ORDTOTALPRICE double,
      LO_DISCOUNT double,
      LO_REVENUE int unsigned,
      LO_SUPPLYCOST int unsigned,
      LO_TAX double,
      LO_COMMITDATE date,
      LO_SHIPMODE char(10),
      C_NAME varchar(25),
      C_ADDRESS varchar(25),
      C_CITY char(10),
      C_NATION char(15),
      C_REGION char(12),
      C_PHONE char(15),
      C_MKTSEGMENT char(10),
      S_NAME char(25),
      S_ADDRESS varchar(25),
      S_CITY char(10),
      S_NATION char(15),
      S_REGION char(12),
      S_PHONE char(15),
      P_NAME varchar(22),
      P_MFGR char(6),
      P_CATEGORY char(7),
      P_BRAND char(9),
      P_COLOR varchar(11),
      P_TYPE varchar(25),
      P_SIZE int,
      P_CONTAINER char(10)
    load data infile '/ssb-dbgen-path/lineorder_flat.tbl' into table lineorder_flat FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n';
  • After the import is successful, you can run SQL statements to check the amount of imported data:

select count(*) from lineorder_flat;
    expected results:
| count(*) |
| 10272594 |