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MySQL Compatibility

MatrixOne SQL syntax conforms with MySQL 8.0.23 version.

SQL Type SQL Syntax Compability with MySQL8.0.23
DDL CREATE DATABASE A database with Chinese name is not supported.
Names with Latins support limitedly.
CHARSET, COLLATE, ENCRYPTION can be used but don't work.
CREATE TABLE Temporary tables are not supported.
Partition tables are not supported.
Create table .. as clause is not supported now.
All column level constraints are not supported now.
Composite Primary Key is not supported yet.
KEY(column) is not supported yet.
AUTO_INCREMENT is not supported yet.
CREATE other projects CREATE/DROP INDEX is not supported.
ALTER Not supported now.
INSERT INTO VALUES with function or expression is not supported now.
Batch Insert can be supported up to 160,000 rows.
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is not supported now.
DELAYED is not supported now.
Names with Latins support limitedly.
The current SQL mode is just like only_full_group_by mode in MySQL.
SELECT Table alias is not supported in GROUP BY.
Distinct is limitedly support.
SELECT...FOR UPDATE clause is not supported now.
INTO OUTFILE is limitedly support.
LOAD DATA Only csv files can be loaded currently.
The enclosed character should be "".
FIELDS TERMINATED BY should be "," or "
LINES TERMINATED BY should be "\n".
SET is not supported now.
Local key word is not supported now.
Relative path is limited supported now. Only based on mo-server file can be supported.
JOIN Same as MySQL.
SUBQUERY Non-scalar subquery is not supported now.
Database Administration Statements SHOW Only show tables and show databases are supported.
Show CREATE TABLE and CREATE DATABASE are supported.
Other statements Not supported now.
Utility Statements USE Use database is the same as MySQL.
Explain The result of explain a SQL is different with MySQL.
Explain Analyze is not supported yet.
Other statements Not supported now.
Data Types Boolean Different from MySQL's boolean which is the same as int , MatrixOne's boolean is a new type, its value can only be true or false.
Int/Bigint/Smallint/Tinyint Same as MySQL.
char/varchar Same as MySQL.
Float/double The precision is a bit different with MySQL.
DECIMAL The max precision is 38 digits.
Date Only 'YYYY-MM-DD' and 'YYYYMMDD' formats are supported.
Datetime Only 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' and 'YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS' formats are supported.
Timestamp Same as MySQL, but MatrixOne doesn't support timezone yet, timestamp value doesn't shift by timezone change.
Other types Not supported now.
Operators "+","-","*","/" Same as MySQL.
DIV, %, MOD Same as MySQL.
LIKE Same as MySQL
IN Supported for constant lists
NOT, AND, &&,OR, "||" Same as MySQL.
XOR Not supported now.
CAST Supported with different conversion rules.
Functions MAX, MIN, COUNT, AVG, SUM Same as MySQL. Distinct is not supported yet.
any_value Any_value is an aggregate function in MatrixOne. Cannot be used in group by or filter condition.