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MatrixOne Playground allows you to try SQL statements and explore features of MatrixOne instantly from your web browser with interactive tutorials.

  • For docs about our SQL commands, you can see SQL Reference.
  • For tutorials about SSB or TPCH test, you can see Tutorial.


You can only operate in read-only mode in MatixOrigin Playground,so DDL commands and part of DML commands which may change the data are not available. The detail limitations are shown below:

  • Part of DDL commands are not available: truncate,set

  • Part of DML commands are not available:replace

  • call is not available

  • max_result_rows=2000


In Playground, You can follow different interactive tutorials and pick one in the list box, and now the supported tutorials are shown below:

We will use SSB Test as an example to show you the overall operation process of Playground.

Test Preperations

This tutorial walks you through the most popular Star Schema Benchmark(SSB)Test SQL statements with MatrixOne. To better experience MatrixOne's features and performance, test queries in this tutorial will run without filters.
Before you start, the test datasets have been pre-loaded in database ssb. To list available tables in the database you can query :



You can click on the command to copy and Run it in the terminal on the right.
The query results are displayed in the lower right.
Then you can run the queries on SSB datasets, click Continue.

Run Query Command

Now, You can query the table with SQL commands we provide.
For example:

  • Run Q1.1 query
select sum(lo_revenue) as revenue
from lineorder join dates on lo_orderdate = d_datekey;

And you can use join in queries:

  • Run Q1.2 query
select sum(lo_revenue) as revenue
from lineorder
join dates on lo_orderdate = d_datekey;

Additionally, group by and order by can be used:

  • Run Q2.1 query
select sum(lo_revenue) as lo_revenue, d_year, p_brand
from lineorder
join dates on lo_orderdate = d_datekey
join part on lo_partkey = p_partkey
join supplier on lo_suppkey = s_suppkey
group by d_year, p_brand
order by d_year, p_brand;

More query commands are provided in Playground, you can test on your own.

Learn More

This page describes the features, limitations, and examples of Playground. For information on other options that are available when trying out MatrixOne, see the following: