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Install standalone MatrixOne

MatrixOne supports Linux and MacOS. You can install a standalone MatrixOne version either by building from source or using docker.

Recommended hardware specification: x86 CPU with 4 cores and 32GB memory, with CentOS 7+ OS.

Install From AUR

ArchLinux User can install MatrixOne from AUR.

$ git clone
$ cd matrixone
$ makepkg -rsi

Building from source

1. Install Go as necessary

Go version 1.18 is required.

2. Get the MatrixOne code

$ git clone
$ cd matrixone

3. Run make

You can run make debug, make clean, or anything else our Makefile offers.

$ make config
$ make build

4. Boot MatrixOne server

$ ./mo-server system_vars_config.toml

Downloading binary packages

Starting with 0.3.0, you can download binary packages directly to run MatrixOne in the X86_64 Linux or Mac X86_64 environment.

1. Download binary packages and decompress

Linux Environment

$ wget
$ unzip

MacOS Environment

$ unzip

2.Launch MatrixOne server

$./mo-server system_vars_config.toml

Using docker

1. Install Docker

Please verify that Docker daemon is running in the background:

$ docker --version

2. Create and run the container for the latest release of MatrixOne

It will pull the image from Docker Hub if not exists.

$ docker run -d -p 6001:6001 --name matrixone matrixorigin/matrixone:latest